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which turns around the entire world ....


Two parents, growing old without their son

One Novel, Inside of Hundreds of Cultures.

Girar is the story of Mother and Father. They live a settled and suburban life, complete and complacent, and yet there is something that wears at them. Their son is gay, and has migrated continents away from them. They yearn for him to be home.

Girar is also the story of our planet, and the thousands of cultures on it. Because I've been to many places, and I've lived all over the world, I want my novel to reflect our more globalised state of existence. I want to turn around the world, as I want to turn around the idea of a family.

Girar ('to turn,' in Spanish) will set itself around 365 corners of the planet, from April 13 2021 to the end of 2029, embodying the spirits of Mother and Father, but always from another national context. Subscribers to Girar will be given access to the stories of the novel in real time, on the time and day they take place. The first six stories are free to anyone who signs up. Afterwards, there is a nominal monthly charge of a 100 rupees (or a euro, a dollar in a half).

Book One starts from Mysore, Karnataka, India on April 13th, 2021.

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If you have anything to say, please contact me. I don't mind being told that a story I wrote in Artsakh or in Senegal was inauthentic or incorrectly told (On the contrary; such feedback helps me learn and grow!). I also love getting fan mail from people who are excited in the sorts of things I am trying to do. You can contact me at the following links:

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