Mysore, Karnataka

Today was Ugadi, the Kannada New Year. It was a day to dine on the sweetest of jaggeries, a day to decorate one’s door with neem and mango leaves.

It was a day to paint the porch with rangoli patterns and stench the halls with incense. It was a day of importance for anyone who was Kannadiga. For Mother, it was a day to pray.

From the author of we of the forsaken world...


Ten years. 365 cultures. The idea of a mother and father, taking the time to accept their son for who he is.

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Each month Girar will be releasing stories set all across Planet Earth. From Pyongyang to Zambia, from Honolulu to Turkmenistan. The stories are written to replicate the time and date they are set in, so if you get a notification to your email telling you a story is taking place, read it as if it's something really happening, right now.

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A 10 Year Journey

For just 1.5 dollars a month or 10 dollars a year, join Mother, Father, and Son, three archetypes who take on the shape of 365 global cultures. Each installment is like a short story in a new part of the world. Each installment also how three these unique minds change, and adapt and grow to our 21st century's changes.

Why am I in Jahannam?

Fire blazes, all around her. There is the parched smell of singeing skin. The smell itself overwhelms all other sensations. Mother is blinded, Mother is deafened, the strength of Mother’s muscles are abated. She cannot walk, she cannot crawl, she cannot feel. Anything, except for being overwhelmed. Mother is still in all black. The metal mask she wears over her mouth feels to be melting onto her lips. She feels the boils all over, she feels the burning. Her skin charred, her body bereft of anything, the emotion of falling tears over her cheeks, she asks one question and one question only.

Kiran Bhat


I'm an avid world traveller. I've now been to about 134 countries, and I've lived in 19 places across the planet. Why have I spent over ten years never living in one country, and not for longer than a few months? Because I'm dedicated to my principles. I believe that if you want to write something truly representative of a foreign culture, mentality, or lifestyle, you really have to live that life. When I was trying to capture tribal life in We of the forsaken world..., I stayed with an indigenous community in Manu Jungle in Peru, sleeping in their hammocks, eating alongside them fruits and vegetables from the jungle. In that same way, if I wanted to set a story in a random part of the world, I would want it to be a place I have at the very least visited, interacted with people, or observed.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of the way we live. I'm lucky to have been able to travel before it all occurred. Not every story of Girar is set in a country or region or city I've visited. For such places, I tried really hard to use the Internet to get in touch with locals, using websites like Goodreads and Couchsurfing to find beta-readers. I also did my best to research what I could.

Nonetheless, a lot of myself has gone into Girar. These stories don't necessarily represent my family, nor do they fully represent the countries they are set in, but in merging my love for my parents with my love for the world, I truly believe I have created something worth reading.


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Nikhil Pailoor

Kiran Bhat brings an unparalleled set of experiences from travels across the world to his writing, making the settings of his stories real and visceral.

Jyosthna Hegde

News Editor at NRI Pulse

Kiran Bhat's Girar is a fine and nuanced exploration of the things that bind people - human behavior, emotions and relationships, which, surpassing time and boundaries tend to remain the same. Richly drawing from his own travels across the globe, Bhat delves deep into the native imagery of food, dialect, and setting even as he treads the path less traveled, paving fresh paths to publishing in a globalized era.

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